Abram G.: Surgery today, Friday at

Dear Prayer Group,

Thank you for your prayers for Abram. They are supporting him in Light now. The lab reports have made it clear that he needs the amputation after all.  Abram’s attitude is very good, considering that this is a pretty big step for a teen. (That is why I have given his situation such a priority on this prayer line right now.) There will be adjustments, of course. Yet saving his life is an even bigger deal, and he seems to have a good perspective on it.

It is sad that he needs to lose the foot, after all.  But there are 2 main purposes to a prayer ministry. Sometimes the prayers “cure” a person, and the karma is mitigated or “disappears”.

And sometimes, for reasons unknown to us,  the prayers serve, primarily, to support the person as he goes through a big karmic episode.  The grace of God carries a person through such a rough patch.  And this beautiful, comforting grace is sent by God, Christ, Guru directly, and through His heavenly angels, and His prayer angels here on earth. So thank you all for what you do.

In directing this healing prayer ministry, I can’t afford to let prayer requests pull me down. And yet, seven years ago, when Abram first received this diagnosis of cancer in his foot, I wept for weeks. It hit me harder than any other prayer request I have ever received.

In a spiritual family, we are often connected on a deeper than conscious level. Was I feeling the bulk of the karma he was facing? Perhaps.  But today, there is peace.  So – yes, Abram has a lot to adjust to in the coming days/weeks/months. But there is also this peaceful feeling that he has finished the cancer karma. Can I guarantee that? Of course not, but the feeling is there – so I take hope from that.

And so – it is a beautiful thing. Abram will be a cool kid with his new titanium alloy leg, or whatever they give him.  More than any teen I know – he will be able to adjust to it rather naturally and with a sense of perspective and humor. I am sure there will be some rough spots – yet overall his cheerfulness will carry him through.

Prayers for Abram to make it so…

God bless you all.

In Him,


Mary Kretzmann

Ananda Healing Prayer Ministry

Thursday Night

Dear Friends,

We got Abram’s biopsy results back today and it was not good news. There were cancer cells right up to the points of the incision about an inch beyond the tumor itself. The safest way forward is to remove the foot and we are all onboard with it now. It is difficult to go back for another surgery right away but we are glad to have made absolutely sure that it is the right procedure – and there is little doubt now.

The surgery is about 2PM tomorrow (Friday, CA time) and we’ve all got our game face on to get through it. We expect to be in the hospital for 2-3 days afterward and will fly home as soon as Abram is comfortable enough to do so. This has been a roller coaster for sure but after this next lap we will be home and able to begin the healing process. Abram has been steady right through and I think we are all catching up with him a bit.

I can’t possibly describe how much the support of our family and friends has meant to us through all this. We have lacked for absolutely nothing and have deeply appreciated  your prayers, encouraging notes, and endless offers of help. I never imagined there could be SO MUCH kindness and compassion in the world and God forbid that I ever forget it!

It’s quite a process to get your mind around the amputation and we know it will take some time for all of us to get there. A little humor here and there helps a lot so when you’re ready to “go there”, you can check out remembrances of some of our lighter moments below. In Abram’s first cancer bout 7 years ago, we heard about a wonderful organization  called Stumps-R-Us that really had the right spirit about such misfortune – they certainly aren’t into self pity! In the end of course, it’s not such a big deal after all, and we are finding plenty to be thankful for all along the way.

With our deepest love, gratitude and aloha,

Michael, Ann, Kiya and Abram Gornik


One Response to “Abram G.: Surgery today, Friday at”

  1. Ramesha Says:

    Dear Mary,
    Thank you for being such a clear and powerful channel for God’s healing energy. May God and Gurus bless you always…


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