Abram – Monday Night (note from Micheal)

Dear Prayer Group,

Many of you have appreciated receiving these updates…so here is the latest. Please continue to pray for Abram…see note below.

God bless.


Mary Kretzmann

Monday Night

Dear Friends,

We wanted to let you know that Abram’s surgery went  very  well today and that he still has his foot! The surgeon was well impressed by the good condition of the foot and the tumor came out cleanly and easily, so much so that he felt we should wait for more tests to consider our options. Pending the biopsy that will be completed late this week or early next, there is still some hope that the foot can be saved.

Abram has navigated all of this with surprising evenness and courage (I wish I could say the same for his Dad!), strengthened immeasurably no doubt by all the prayers and support he has received from family and friends. He described waking up and immediately realizing he could still move his foot —  and a quick glance confirmed it was still there!

With anesthesia enough for the amputation and what would have been a much longer surgery, he is pretty nauseous and “whacked” from all the drugs but is doing just fine. It is quite possible that we will be out of the hospital tomorrow and will be weighing the next steps from there. Daiva (family friend) and I are doing the vigil tonight and letting Ann and Kiya get some rest. I am so thankful for this beautiful, hope-filled night and send each of you our gratitude for sharing this journey with us.

With much love from the Gorniks,

Michael, Ann, Kiya and Abram

Michael Gornik

Polestar Community

Spiritual Community: Yoga & Meditation in Hawaii

15-2662 Pahoa Village Road

Suite 306 PMB 8740

Pahoa, HI  96778


3 Responses to “Abram – Monday Night (note from Micheal)”

  1. Roque Rodrigues Says:

    Please pray for my promotion as a manager,My name is selected for the post,however it is not getting qualified.please pray that my name should get qualified and I may get selected as a manager.

  2. marykretzmann Says:

    And this lovely comment came in yesterday:

    Dear Mary,

    I can’t thank you enough for sending this wonderful news to me. I’m am crying with gratitude that Abram’s foot was saved. He is so in my prayers.

    This morning at 9:30am I had minor surgery on my face. It went well. As I sat here resting with ice packs I have had all day to pray. Thank you God.

    I will keep praying for him, and for Ann, Michael and Kiya.

    In Master’s Love,

  3. marykretzmann Says:

    This came in from a member of the healing prayer council:

    …I felt such healing Light and Divine Grace flowing through Abram and his family this morning. I have kept them in prayer all during the day.
    I was so pleased with the outcome. As Abram was willing to surrender
    …Divine Healing poured through. Thank you for keeping me
    informed…I will continue with the prayers with thanksgiving..

    In Master’s Divine Healing Light,
    Gail L.M.

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