Good News about Abram!!!


Dear Ones,

Good news! Abram is now out of surgery,  and he still has his foot! Thank you for all your prayers!

The surgeon said that the tumor just popped right out very easily so he couldn’t bring himself to take the foot, even though he had gone in prepared for that.  He got clear margins around the tumor. More test results are due back in 5 days, but this all looks very good for now.

Please keep Abram in your prayers for this week for his recovery, and for complete healing from the cancer and this karma.  Hopefully the karma popped right out with the tumor!

Perhaps part of the karma was mitigated through all the prayers, and by Abram’s willingness to let go of the foot – but in the end he didn’t have to do so.

Again, thank you for all your prayers.

God bless…



Original post:

Below is a note from Micheal about Abram – sent out to many in their large group of family and friends. I knew Abram was leaning in this direction, but I didn’t want to announce it here.  It was best to wait for Michael and Ann to take that step.

Abram is still in surgery as I write this – I’ll post an update when I receive it.

God bless you all, and thank you for your prayers for Abram and family.

In Master,

Mary Kretzmann

Sunday Night

Dear Family and Friends,

Abram’s surgery is at 10:15AM (in California) on Monday. It will start with removing the tumor to verify that it is the cancer they think it is. There were many ways to play this none of them with clear consequences and in the end it came down to Abram’s call. Arguably, his best shot at a long life is the amputation and he has chosen it. There is still some hope that the final biopsy test will lead this somewhere else and you are most welcome to join us in praying for such a miracle. We are all holding up fairly well (Abram better than the rest of us I think), and extremely thankful for all the kindness, prayers, and friendship so many of you have offered us.  We will get through this, and hopefully with a minimum of whining! We’ll get an update out tomorrow afternoon after the surgery and will let you know how everything goes.

We had the most wonderful trip to Ananda Village this weekend, catching up with dear friends and enjoying the scenic beauty of the Sierra foothills. “Abram’s Right foot memorial volleyball tournament” there attracted 40 enthusiastic players with about as many watching – we played until almost midnight!

In Divine Friendship,

Michael, Ann, Kiya, and Abram

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