Abram Update – Sunday (surgery Monday Morning)

It was wonderful having Abram, and his family (parents: (Micheal and Ann, and his sister, Kiya) visiting Ananda Village this weekend.

There was a friendly gathering on Friday evening at Master’s Market for pizza night, followed by the volleyball tournament  in the community center (an all-purpose building for sports events and school programs, etc.)  The volleyball games went on to almost midnight – (by that time the teams consisted mostly young people in high school or college!).  Abram then came home with my son, David, age 17 and they stayed up and watched a movie because Abram was “still on Hawaii time”.  That’s okay – David likes to stay up late on Friday night, too.  So it was a fun evening for all. They both slept in, and it was fun to have Abram here joining us for a (late) breakfast!

Abram wanted more time to relax with all of his friends, so on Saturday there was a potluck dinner at the home of Hunter and Audie Black. It is a large home, and it was a great venue for this informal gathering of all ages.

Later in the evening, the young folks wanted to go and play volleyball again…But first we all did a prayer and blessing for Abram before they left for the community center.

Many times we will do this for someone in the community when they are facing a serious surgery. After invoking the blessings of God and the Masters of this path, we visualized Abram and his family surrounded in light – being guided by God, Christ, Guru. We also prayed for those doctors and nurses who will be with him in the surgery tomorrow – that the Light blesses and guides them in their work.  We also prayed for Abram’s recovery process.

All in all – the weekend was a warm and joyful time for Abram to connect with friends and feel everyone’s support. They all drove back to San Francisco this morning and should be getting settled in now.

Prayer Request

Please keep Abram in your prayers tonight and tomorrow, and in the coming days.  When he saw the doctor on Friday, Abram heard the benefits and risks of 3 different surgery/treatment options that could unfold.

Abram has some say in what happens in the surgery tomorrow. (I know which way he is leaning – but I don’t want to say because this is a special time for the family to talk and pray about it; it is an ongoing, private process. See them all held in the Light as they support Abram at this time.)

May the Light be with him, and guide him well. May he be filled with peace and healing grace NOW.

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