Yogananda’s Birthday – January 5

I just wrote a blog on my Finding God in Your Family website about Yogananda’s birthday being part of the Twelve Days of Christmas, and about the Three Wise Men following the star in the East to find the Christ Child. This is traditionally celebrated on January 6th – the day after Paramhansa Yogananda’s birthday. In some parts of Spain and other Spanish cultures, Epiphany is a very big holiday – complete with celebratory parades, etc.  It is nice to know our line of gurus has been being honored all of these centuries, albeit a bit incognito!

One evening, to my amazement, he included the following information: ‘The three wise men who came to honor the Christ Child after his birth were the line of gurus who later sent me to the West: Babaji, Lahiri Mahasaya, and Swami Sri Yukteswar.’

Nayaswami Kriyananda, in Chapter Eight of:

Revelations of Christ
Proclaimed by Paramhansa Yogananda
Presented by His Disciple, Swami Kriyananda

To read the whole blog, please go here:

Birthday Of Paramhansa Yogananda – Jan. 5

and I’d love to have more people sign up for the e-mail on that blog, if you find it helpful for yourself, your children or grandchildren!

Finding God in Your Family, by Mary Kretzmann


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