How to enter a prayer request

Dear Ones,

Lately the prayer request form at the healing prayer website has been “down” and the IT staff is still trying to figure out why – and a few other aspects of the site have also been affected…

So lately I’ve been getting a lot of prayer requests directly via e-mail and that is okay – except that about 99% of the time I have to e-mail the person back and ask for the NAME of the prayer recipient!

Our healing prayer council is actually made up of very intelligent people – so that is not the issue.  I think we become so familiar with how lovely prayer works in healing and comforting the sick that people forget the details.  So the prayer requests might read “please pray for me” – yet there is no signature and I have to look it up by the e-mail address (if I should be so lucky…)  Or it might read “please pray for my aunt or my Mom”, etc. Yet no name or other details are included!

It would be fine if this were the rare occasion – but it is the vast majority of the time. This is why I had a prayer form created – but now it is on the blink. So I am simply asking this favor of you – for each and every prayer request and for each and every renewal – please submit “name/rank/serial #”  – or really: name, location, age and condition to be prayed for“.

Please especially do this even when you are forwarding on e-mails from your relatives that are updates on your loved ones condition. Think of it as a mini-prayer as you write that basic information on the top of each page. Remember – we get a few hundred prayer requests each month…so you don’t want your healing prayer minister, and her helpful volunteers, to go batty and have to put on the top of the prayer list!

Thanks for your help with this. I don’t expect perfection – just improvement! That would be lovely.  Along the same lines, you might set up your e-mails to include an automatic signature of your choosing, such as your name.  Many times I have to search our database to figure out who is writing to me!

Okay, I don’t mean to complain – I’m just doing my little bit to improve the healing prayer ministry.

This reminds me a bit of the story from the life of George Washington Carver:

When I was young, I said to God, “God, tell me the mystery of the universe.”

But God answered, “That knowledge is for me alone.”

So I said, “God, tell me the mystery of the peanut.”

Then God said, “Well, George, that’s more nearly your size.

So, in that spirit my simple request is more nearly our size, all around.

Love and blessings in the New Year!


Mary Kretzmann

PS – I’ll also be including this message in the regular newsletter.


6 Responses to “How to enter a prayer request”

  1. 3 elements architecture Says:

    3 elements architecture

  2. Anonymous Says:

    praying for myself as well as requesting a prayer from the reader I know i am blessed but still have a negative mind set praying to change my frame of mind to a more positive aspect

  3. Daniel Says:

    Please I would like to ask healing prayers to:
    She just made a transplant of Kidney, and after surgery she caught a general hospital infection. She had already 3 heart attacks.

    Please, pray hard for her healing. She has two sons in need of prayers too:

    thank you so much

    • marykretzmann Says:

      Dear Daniel,

      We will pray for all of you. It is helpful to also know the city in which you all live, if possible. You can reply to my email privately, if you wish.


      Mary K

  4. john dante b. Says:

    Person Needing Healing

    First Name: john
    Last Name: dante b. / prayer request is for my girlfriends
    City: long island
    State: ny
    Country: usa
    Condition: pray that my relationships with dagmara, renata, cailin, viola, megan , michelle are perfect, harmonious, ,healed, whole and healthy and vibrant , full of love, joy, happiness and giving and compassionate and understanding and that each are full of love for me and love people and love being with me doing wonderful things for each other and be surrounded by love from each other and God . Pray that each of them are healed of their illnesses ! and made whole . Pray that God is important in their lives. thanks for praying, John DanteB.

    More Information: they are various illness one is bulimic, anxiety, stress , resentment, bitterness

    First Name: john
    Last Name: dante b.
    City: valley stream
    State: ny
    Country: usa

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