Update on Abram Gornik: upcomng surgery

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Dear Ones,

I just received this note from the Gornik family. They have always had a positive, resilient spirit, and it serves them well now in the face of this possibility. Please keep Abram in your prayers. The surgery will be in the San Francisco area.

This prayer request is a big team effort and was sent out via voice mail to the Ananda Village hot line, and to this web site prayer group – plus others on the healing prayer council.

God bless you all in the coming New Year.


Mary Kretzmann

Ananda Healing Prayer Ministry

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Dear Family and Friends,

A lot has happened since our last note and we wanted to share the latest. Abram is scheduled for surgery on Jan. 11th. We have a pre-op appointment on Friday the 8th from which we will learn much more but for now, the intention is to do a “resection” (basically remove the tumor) and depending on what they find, to see if an amputation is necessary. In a classic case of having to hope for the best but prepare for the worst, we have been advised to prepare ourselves now for the amputation. In fact, amputation has some definite advantages, which won’t make this decision any easier.

We have learned a good deal about many things through all this not the least of which is that we can all grow up to losing a limb to save a life. However, with a real hope of making it through this without an amputation, how do we prepare ourselves for it?! In a slightly irreverent (and intentionally humorous)  attempt to do so we are hosting an “Abram’s Right Foot Memorial Invitational Volleyball Tournament” here at Polestar (and possibly at Ananda village if we manage to visit there before the surgery.) Abram is quite good and loves to play, and it is one of the things he won’t be able to do for awhile.  If you find a fierce game of volleyball extremely therapeutic as many of us here do, you are welcome to join us!

Many thanks to everyone who sent in offers of places to stay in the Bay Area. Thanks to my sister Ginny in Cleveland and Mike O’Grady, we landed a perfect spot just 10 minutes from the hospital.

This is one helluva way to start the new year to be sure, but we continue to live in gratitude for the love and community we share with so many of you. May 2010 be filled with Healing, Family, and ever deepening Friendship.

Michael, Ann, Kiya and Abram

Michael Gornik

15-2662 Pahoa Village Road

Suite 306 PMB 8740

Pahoa, HI  96778

888 478-2685 fax


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