Update On Abram Gornik, and healing roots

Dear Ones,

This letter came in from Michael Gornik late last night:

Dear Family and Friends,

We are sorry to have to report that Abram’s pathology report was positive for cancer. We still don’t know what type it is and have many more questions that will hopefully be answered in the coming days. It’s a lot to face but we’ve been through this before and are staying positive about getting through it again. This is a great time to remember how much we love each other and truthfully,  there isn’t much else that matters.  Abram is in good spirits – which is normal for him! – and after allowing ourselves a few moments of sadness and fear, we are all feeling ready to embrace this challenge.

So many of you have asked if you can help and there is one thing we wanted to check on. It is likely that we will be in the SF bay area for some period of time in the coming weeks / months. If you know of anyone with a place to stay there, it could be a big help.

We’ll keep you posted on “the plan” as it unfolds and thank you again for all the prayers and support.

Sending each of you our love and friendship,

Michael, Ann, Kiya, and Abram

Michael Gornik,  Pahoa, HI  96778

I told Michael that we would all continue to pray for Abram. See the original prayer request here.


I mentioned to Michael that just today I had been reading about Essiac, an herbal tea   inspired by a Native American recipe, used for healing of cancer and other ailments.)

One of the most important ingredients in Essiac are the ROOTS of sheep sorrel. Apparently, 99% of all Essiac being sold today does NOT have the roots of sheep sorrel in it – but only the leaves. ( It is much cheaper for the producer to just pick the leaves – rather than “sacrificing” the entire plant to get the root system. )

I thought it would be a good idea,  if they used the very best Essiac for Abram while they wait for diagnosis and before any treatment plans are made.  It is non-toxic and there is a chance it could do some good.

This company is one of the very few who do include the roots: EssiacUS –  http://www.essiacus.com/

Or you can also get it here: Clouds Trust – United Kingdom http://www.cloudstrust.org/

I am passing along the information in case it is of help to you or your loved ones.  We receive many prayer requests and sometimes people are given little hope from the medical world.  I believe deeply in the power of prayer, and in the healing power of God in Nature. I also believe in the God given healing power of science when applied altruistically for the betterment of mankind.  It is good to be informed of the tools God has given us, and to choose wisely among them according to one’s present healing needs.

From the story of Essiac: “…Rene Caisse was walking beside a retired doctor who pointed to a common weed and stated:  “Nurse Caisse, if people would use this weed there would be little cancer in the world.”  Rene later stated:  “He told me the name of the plant.  It was one of the herbs my patient named as an ingredient of the Indian medicine man’s tea!”  The “weed” was sheep sorrel…”

Thank you for your prayers!

God bless you all.

Have a blessed Christmas season…

Mary Kretzmann

Healing with Divine Energy blog


One Response to “Update On Abram Gornik, and healing roots”

  1. marykretzmann Says:

    Dec. 11:
    Hello Everyone

    Its Ann here. Michael usually writes these but he’s busy today. Abram and I spent all day in Oahu yesterday. They successfully got tissue samples with a CT needle biopsy without compromising any of the surrounding tendons. Unfortunately, we probably won’t know what they found until Monday. After a long time in the recovery room Abram woke up in good spirits with very little pain. Today he is feeling pretty normal.

    Thanks again for all the support and prayers.

    Ann G

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