Swami Kriyananda writes about Medjugorje

Swami Kriyananda wrote a beautiful letter about his recent visit to Medjugorje. (Read my earlier posts about it here – scroll down once you are there.)

I am enclosing a short and lovely excerpt from Swamiji’s letter, in case you have not seen it.  You can find the complete letter by clicking here.


“…I have to say that this visit to Vicka was the highlight of our visit. She spent quite a bit of time with us, was extremely loving. Her husband, Mario, asked me privately for a blessing, and both of them were an inspiration to be with.

I asked Vicka if she would ask the Divine Mother for me whether there was anything more I could do for Her in this life. I told her I’ve been serving Her for over sixty-one years, and have done nearly everything I can think of in this service. She promised to ask that question.

So far, I’ve had no outward answer from her, but I returned from Medjugorie with what I feel is Divine Mother’s answer: “Love me ever more deeply, in your heart.”

And sometimes, even more so since my visit there, I feel so much bliss in my heart that I find it difficult to bear!


Marjana (pronounced Maryana) had a “visitation” in her home on the second. I was allowed inside, despite the crowd, and sat hardly two yards from her. I had my eyes closed throughout, however, feeling great bliss. It wouldn’t really have mattered where they put me…”

Meditating at the Blue Cross


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