Abram G.

Abram in white shirt

Abram in white shirt

Please pray for Abram G. – age 16; Pahoa, Hawaii

Please send healing energy to his foot, and to his body, mind and soul.

Abram is in the white tee shirt, above. I thought I was copying one photo- but the whole group of photos came – so there you have it.  You can understand some of Abram’s world as you pray for him.

His parents, Michale and Ann, devotees of Paramhansa Yogananda, are the directors of Polestar Community. They are former members of Ananda Village, and Abram, and his older sister, Kiya, were both born here. Abram returned to the Village for his some of his early high school, attending the Living Wisdom High School. He is a very bright boy and this year he enrolled in a community college program in Hawaii.

This week, many of us received this e-mail message from Michael:

Dear Family and Friends,
We received some hard news today.  Abram’s most recent MRI has turned up some kind of mass in his foot. We are of course hoping for the best but also preparing to head to San Francisco for a biopsy and possible surgery next week. We wanted everyone to know now who might feel to pray for him and all of us which would be greatly appreciated. It is possible that this growth is unrelated to his last cancer bout and we are sure hoping so.   Though it is certainly a difficult time, we well remember all the amazing support we received from so many of you during his initial diagnosis 7 years ago and feel positive about facing this now.  Abram is 16 now, one week away from finals in his first semester of college, and so far, in good spirits. We’ll know a lot more in the coming days and will do our best to keep you posted.
With much love from all of us,
Michael, Ann, Kiya and Abram

Michael Gornik
15-2662 Pahoa Village Road
Suite 306 PMB 8740
Pahoa, HI  96778

Seven years ago Abram received a diagnosis of cancer in his foot – and he remained very brave and positive during some extensive cancer treatments and surgery on his foot.  He reached his 5 year anniversary of being cancer free when he was a student here at Ananda. We were all relieved that he passed that important milestone. Please send him healing Light that any remaining disease karma can be dissolved, and that he may be supported in Divine Light and Love at this time.

Abram has a special place in our hearts as he boarded in our home in the begiining of his freshman year here…this year – just a week before Michael’s e-mail went out, we were very happy to host Kiya in our home for Thanksgiving. Many others at Ananda Village maintain contact in one way or another.  They are part of our spiritual family… and we are all very grateful if you would keep them in your prayers.

God bless.


Mary Kretzmann

Healing With Divine Energy Blog

Director of Ananda Healing Prayer Ministry


13 Responses to “Abram G.”

  1. john Says:

    Christ divine you have created your beloved som abram in yiour perfect image I behold him as light divine , whole and well ,
    I rejoice in your grace healing and miraculous power now flowing him . i thank you for the comfort and stenghth that surround this truly holy family !!
    All is well and well all ways !!

  2. Barbara Dodo Says:

    Dear Abram,
    I want you to know that the almighty who made evrything including you knows what you are going through and he will never leave nor forsake.
    My prayer is every part of your body today be aligned with the word of God and I cancel every sickness in your body in jesus mighty name.
    I want you to tell God that I want to come out of hospital and I dont want any cutting of my body and you will be healed.
    We love you.

    Barbara Dodo

  3. Rudrani Borden Says:

    My prayers and thoughts are with you Abram and your family. God has promised to not give us more than we can handle, and will provide the way to get through all our obstacles.
    That is paraphrased but I hope you will find blessing in this test and I know it will strengthen your faith and courage.’

    OM OM Om
    Rudrani Borden
    Portland Sangha

  4. Liz Lambregtse Says:

    Dear Abram,

    I am a kidney cancer survivor. A very wise, long-time devotee gave me the following counsel before I had my surgery on December 28, 2007:

    Think of pain as a way to God, and the suffering as a pathway to God.

    He got the sense that everything that I have been through and am experiencing is driving me to God—running to Him for comfort. I should view all difficulties as love really.

    I need to release all negativity about myself and I need to be open for the manifestation of God’s love for me.
    Once I am able to understand the unconditional love and blessings that are coming to me—to really absorb them, then I have made it.

    Master is an Avatar and His love and blessings are forever. I need to let Him be my father, mother, husband, brother, shelter, comfort. I need to give Him complete surrender and trust.

    Master wants me to be totally dependent on Him—all depends on the Guru’s grace.
    December 11, 2007
    * * *
    You and your family are in my special daily prayers as you go through this journey right now.

    Love, blessings and joy,


  5. Grace Says:

    Dear Abram, you know in your Higher Self who you are, and your mission, so its time to let go doubts, any little and hidden fear, and became proud of the Light inside. All of us are praying just to sorround you, and fill you, with harmony, the rest is on you. Expand yourself!! Be the Light be blessed child

  6. Kristy Fassler-Hecht Says:

    We on the east coast are praying for complete recovery of your foot Abram. May you feel God’s blessing through this time.

  7. Dana Lynne Andersen Says:

    Dear Abram,
    A strong and powerful love is now surrounding you – healing you in every cell and atom of your body and being. You are whole and healed… “Father Thou Art in me I am well”

    We all love you Abram and we are right here with you!

  8. Anandi Says:

    Dear Abram, Michael, and Ann,
    Bharat and I are praying for Abram. Abram, you have many friends and admirers whom you don’t even know.
    Anandi and Bharat

  9. Suzanne Betts Says:

    My love is wrapped around the whole family for calm and peace and healing on all levels.

  10. Lisa Clark Says:


    • marykretzmann Says:

      Thank you for your prayers…
      Mary K

    • krishna dewey Says:

      We will be praying for the best possible outcome. You are a brave person Abram. Remember to ask Divine Mother to put love right in that foot! I’ll be doing the same.

      krishna & paalaka

      • Carol Kretzmann Says:

        I’ll include Abram in my prayers. I love the sweetness of the counsel to Liz. I recall Michael Gornick’s devotional chanting with vividness & gratitude & recall his carpentry skills, apparently affecting Abram. What a strange location for a tumor! All the more apt for “running to Him for comfort”.

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