Swamiji Visits Medjugorje

Swami Kriyananda felt inspired to visit Medjugorje this week. He is still there as I write this.  On his second day there, he decided to wear his blue robe for the newly formed Nayaswami order, and people came up to him and called him “Padre” and sought his counsel and blessing.

Nayaswami Kriyananda

He had some private talks with the visionaries, and he was present when this vision and message (below) was given. Swamiji says he did not see or hear anything – but he felt a presence of “intense divine love” while the vision took place.

Virgin Mary’s Message to the world, through Mirjana:

December 2, 2009
“Dear children! At this time of preparation and joyful expectation I, as a mother, desire to point you to what is the most important, to your soul. Can my Son be born in it? Is it cleansed by love from lies, arrogance, hatred and malice? Above all else does your soul love God as your Father and does it love your fellow brother in Christ? I am pointing you to the way which will raise your soul to a complete union with my Son. I desire for my Son to be born in you. What a joy that would be for me as mother. Thank you.”

Mirjana receives a vision in Medjugorje


In 1981, the Virgin Mary appeared to six children at the Catholic shrine of Medjugorje, in former Yugoslavia…She has appeared every day since. And she gives a special message to the world each month through Mirjana. Mary is asking every person to return to God before it’s too late…before her ten secrets about the world’s future come to pass*.

Slide show:

Take a moment and watch this special musical slide show from Medjugorje. It is beautiful and devotional. Join in the spirit of Swamiji’s visit there. I especially liked the photo of the children looking enraptured with divine love. You can advance the slides at the bottom of the slide-show page.

God bless you all in this holy season.

Joy to you,

Mary Kretzmann

Healing With Divine Energy blog

Ananda Healing Prayer Ministry

*What to Do in Times of Crisis? by Swami Kriyananda (Video-6 minutes)

Click here for more free videos by Swami Kriyananda


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