2 Prayer Requests

1) I received this note today from Lori, a long time Ananda member from southern California, and a member of the Healing Prayer Council.

Mary, my husband Don, age 47, is in the hospital with chest pain and high blood pressure. The doctors do not know what is happening. May I request emergency prayers for healing and master’s light to assist him with recovery and his physicians to assist?

Blessings, Lori

I also sent this out to a list of 120 people today via gmail,  and both of these requests have been posted to the facebook prayer  group – “Prayers and Healing Techniques.”  So – even if you can only pray for a few days – I think it will help move the energy. I hope to get updates ASAP.

2) This man is on our regular prayer list – but I wanted to add his name here, as well. It came in through his brother,  Ronel (also in South Africa) who has just joined the healing prayer council. So – I see it as a form of support for the both of them.

Cobus Marx
Cape Town, South Africa
Condition: Liver and kidney failure. He is preparing for a double transplant.

Right now his condition seems to be getting worse. So  I told Ronel the prayers are meant to support his brother in body, mind and soul…no matter what the physical outcome. Full healing is possible – but it is not the only outcome, of course,  to an intense scenario like this. Some big karma is involved when a person needs a double transplant to survive. So – it is good to bless him and ask the Divine Light to dissolve his karmic burdens NOW.

And this can lead to healing or the transplant…we have seen it both ways…

May he be blessed in the all transforming Light of God.

age 42; male
(Tall blonde man.Green eyes. He has a good heart…
He has a lot of integrity and a strong will. May he open to receive healing now in body, mind and soul)

These are posted on the Chapel page as well – and hopefully updates will be posted there soon…


God bless you.

Joy to you,

Mary Kretzmann

Ananda Healing Prayer Ministry


2 Responses to “2 Prayer Requests”

  1. Ronel Says:

    Hi everyone
    Can you please pray for Cobus he finds the symptoms of his illness very difficult,but he is hopeful and not worried.He believes that healing is possible and is praying for it.He also is willing to subject himself to the Divine will.We pray for a donor and we also pray for the person who is going to save his life by donating a liver and kidney.Please pray with us.

    • Friend Says:

      Hi Ronel
      I was a business aquintance of your brother Cobus, It’s only days ago that I found out that he has passed on. I can not tell you how I’ve admired him for always being strong and possitive, an amazing person indeed, I saw him last Dec, and could not believe how fragile and timmed this big strong man has become. He was always in my prayers, and speaking to him on the 5th Jan, his B’day, their was still hope in his voice. My condolances to you and your family for the loss of this wonderfull person
      God bless

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