November 309 Newsletter

I am sending this out early because of this announcement:

Special discount to the Ananda Healing Prayer Ministry to the Vibratory Healing Experience! Just tell them you are a member of the Healing Prayer Council. I will be teaching on Wednesday – and there are some wonderful classes taught by Lila Devi – on flower essences, and by Mangala on affirmations and mantras, and more. Mangala and I have taught together many times in the past in the class called Divine Will Healing.

This event is next week – so this is a last minute discount for anyone who can make it! I understand that might be a little too close for most of you. Joy! Mary K.

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November Newsletter  – printable version:


Every year we celebrate Thanksgiving in this country (USA). Let’s try to take it deeper each year, and each day, as the 1934 letter from Paramhansa Yogananda reminds us on the following page.  Here in the Ananda Healing Prayer Ministry, we receive many letters, e-mails and phone calls of gratitude. This, in turn, makes me very grateful for each and every one of you, who make this ministry possible.  So this month I will share some of those with you here. Of course, not all prayers result in full physical healing. But everyone who is open and receptive in some way does receive comfort and grace from these healing prayers in their time of need. God bless you all.

Joy to you,

Mary Kretzmann

Ananda Healing Prayer Ministry, Nevada City, CA 95959


Dear Ones,  Ken Loughman was given 2 months to live in Nov & Dec 2008.  Your prayers were answered and he has gone back to work.  Thanks to all. Blessing to All, Sylvia S.  – Lynn, MA

Thank you Mary for the prayers for Martin Magaya my sisters son who was suffering from pneumonia in Zimbabwe he is completely healed and is now a committed Christian. Thank you God bless. – Barbara D., Australia

Mary, I just wanted to give you feedback.  My Dad’s energy has returned and he’s doing well.  My daughter Kristy who you prayed for at the renewal week in your class is doing quite well and shortly after I put her picture in the frame with the photo of Master’s mother she got a full time job in an assisted living facility…

Thank you kindly, Blessings, Lynn W.  Fair Oaks, CA

Dear Mary, I received a phone call last night and was told that George S. is doing extremely well.  They did a test on him and it appears that he is doing so well that he will be going home in two weeks.  They said he will not need to go to rehab and that his sugar levels are normal so he doesn’t need any insulin.  This is truly a miracle.  Many thanks and blessings to all who prayed for him.  Joy to you, Kaye – Florida

Dear Mary, Thank You for your Healing Prayers for our son on Thursday night at the center in York, ME. I want to share with you that we have seen healing taking place in minute ways since then. We are very grateful… It was wonderful to see you and your family.

Blessings! A devotee in NH

“Thank you for praying for me when I broke my arms so severely. It was a serious break, especially for someone in her 80’s! The doctors are astonished that I am healing so well, and with so little pain. Thank you very much. I would like to come visit Ananda when I am completely well. I am doing wonderfully.

Thanks again! Pauline E. – Florida

Thanksgiving Letter to Friends and Students

BY PARAMHANSA YOGANANDA (Inner Culture Magazine, November 1934)

Every day should be a day of Thanksgiving for all the gifts of Life–for sunshine, water, and the luscious fruits and greens which we receive as indirect gifts from the Great Giver. He makes us work so that we may consciously and thankfully deserve to receive His Gifts. The All-Sufficient One does not need the benefit of our thankful hearts, but when we are grateful to the Fountain of all gifts, our attention is concentrated, for our own highest benefit, upon the only Great Source of all supply, which alone can unfailingly, undeceivingly bestow upon us the lasting gifts of wisdom, abundance, and Spiritual treasures without the confinement of any mundane measure.

There are millions of people today who are drunk with egotism, who think that they keep themselves alive because they feed themselves with their self-earned magic gold of delusion. They never stop to think that man can neither make a grain of wheat, nor a leaf of green, nor the illusory, glittering, yellow gold, nor the paper and ink of which greenbacks are made; neither can he create first life independently of God–the life that gives power to the precious green papers. For these people, Thanksgiving Day, although soiled with the blood of unthankful turkeys, is a great day of awakening and of thinking of the most important and the most forgotten Molder of our Destiny.

People, drunk with delusions, eat meat almost every day, and at the same time forget the Savior who saves them from all sorrows. It doesn’t matter how many turkeys are sacrificed in order to offer thanks to the Giver of all Life, if only meat eaters may have their meat and think of the Most Adorable One at the same time. However, it is better to eat meat and think of God, rather than add to meat-eating the highest sin–God-oblivion. But many of you could thank God in meditation more consciously and better while munching on the meat of peace, than while dipping your lips in the gravy and the flavor-camouflaged flesh of a turkey, where once sensitiveness guarded the throne of Life.

Millions of people who eat turkey forget to thank God at all, and think more of the turkey than of God. A few people thank Him for the taste of savory turkey. If you eat turkey, be sure to stuff it with the best Bliss-spiced dressing of thankful remembrance of God for all His highest gifts of wisdom, peace, power to accomplish, and also for His other inconsequent gifts of turkey dinner, and so forth. Be sure to thank God for forgiving you for compelling the quickening of the turkey’s evolution against its own will. And also thank God that you are not the turkey, to be used for the festivity of Thanksgiving.

I am glad for you if you can find Heaven just by not forgetting God while partaking of your august turkey dinner, and I shall have to be happy for the turkeys, that they have found Heaven, and freedom from the misery of daily gobbling and the fear of waiting their doom through all of you, even though they were unwilling that it should happen.

Anyway, don’t mind my sympathy for the turkey, for I am more sympathetic toward you, who are superior to the turkey, lest you bring greater trials upon yourselves by forgetting God. He is waiting to hear your unceasing knock of devotion and to open the Gates of Omnipresence to receive you. Whether you eat turkey or not does not matter if you will only knock hard with devotion on the doors of your heart. He will open the Gates of Omnipresence to receive you.

Make every day a day of Thanksgiving (without regular feasts) and continuous contentment will sparkle in your body, mind, and Soul. If you eat turkey, be sure to search for the all-freeing God from then on until you find Him on the brink of unceasing seeking.

Dear Ones,

I couldn’t resist sending you this Thanksgiving letter from 1934…It rings with inspiration, humor and compassion for all (including the turkeys!).  I do know many of you will have a vegetarian Thanksgiving, which was almost unheard of in 1934, but some of you will be at family gatherings… God bless you all.
Mary Kretzmann

God bless you all.

Joy to you,

Mary Kretzmann

Ananda Healing Prayer Ministry


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