Rifqa Bary – Correction

Dear Ones,

I inadvertently sent out an e-mail update about Rifqa Bary that is no longer correct.  The situation has changed again – and it looks like she will be sent back to Ohio. This news came out after I had written the other post.  I have since taken that post off-line.

Some prayer requests are like that – it takes a very strong continuing force of Light to keep the situation in a state of “healing.”

I feel she needs all the prayers she can get.  She is in God’s hands, as we all are.  So – I leave this to your judgment as to whether or not to keep her name on your personal prayer lists.

And – I believe strongly in her case and that she deserved much greater protection than is being offered to her now. In many countries in Europe, if a girl comes forward with a request like hers, they automatically  put her in a witness protection type of program. They have learned the hard way.

It is possible that the publicity of this case will protect her…And, as in all prayer requests,  it is good to remember that this is all God’s dream and that the soul never dies.

God bless you all.

Joy to you,

Mary Kretzmann

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