Please Pray for Steve K.

Steve K.– Madison, WI  (or vicinity) – married; in his 40’s or 50’s

Longtime Ananda member.

He is hospitalized with a massive MRSA infection. His body is very swollen.

He had a MRSA infection in the past and it was cured with massive antibiotics.  He recently had surgery and the MRSA came back. It could be a re-infection – or a new one.  He did not want to do massive antibiotics again – but it has now become a necessity.

See him full of vitality in body, mind and soul.  See the presence of God, Christ, Guru in his hospital room filling him with healing energy. Also see a shrine of Light in his heart as a home for God, Christ, Guru.

Affirm  with loving command, “You are whole for God is in you. You are well for God is in you. “

Also affirm, “BE thou whole for God is in you. Be thou well for God is in you.”

Send this command of life force to his body, mind and soul. May it bring him complete healing NOW. Also  – may it heal whatever karma is behind the recurrence of this infection. May the karma simply be dissolved in God’s grace, or if necessary, may it be dissolved in a flash of insight. Whichever is best for his soul now.

Sometime ago I read a wonderful story about a small prayer group praying for a hospitalized woman.  The patient felt the presence of the prayer group so clearly that she thought they were in the room with her.  She could even see their faces!  That is a remarkable experience – but know that it is real, even if the patient does not always feel it that clearly.

Think of Steve receiving all of our prayers as a wonderful wave of healing light as we pray for him over the next few days.  See him smiling and well.

Thank you all for your prayers.  I will try to get an update on this very soon. This is going to about 182 people.

God bless you all.

Joy to you,

Mary Kretzmann

Ananda Healing Prayer Ministry

and Healing with Divine Energy blog, and prayer team.

PS. Sometimes I also send out smaller “hotline prayers” via my gmail list. Those go to about 50 people when something warrants it.  Actually  – ALL of the prayers warrant it – but I have to pick and choose…


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