Two urgent requests from Ananda India

These 2 urgent requests came in and this was the best way to get them into your capable hands…Of course, it is Divine Mother’s hands flowing through you and through Her infinite Love.

I am in New Hampshire  – I will be teaching at the Ananda center in Maine this Saturday – but I am checking e-mail. I am sure that this will reach enough hands to bless them with prayers now…

#1)  Arjan Dev Khanna?(see note below)  – It is for Manju’s father. Manju and her husband hosted my family when we were there in India in 2007. The were wonderfully gracious hosts.

This note came in via e-mail from a dear friend in India  – a member of the Ananda Center in Gurgoan (near Delhi).  I will also ask my facebook prayer group to pray, and I’ll see if Lipa can put updates there or in the comment section here…

#2) Kanta Sethi – Kolkata, India (Calcutta)  – she is currently in Zurich, Switzerland – see note

Love in God, Christ, Guru,

Mary Kretzmann

Dear Mary and Ramani
Hi! I think both of you know Manju. She serves in our ashram. Mary and Tim stayed at her place last time when they were here in India.
Her father has been taken ill suddenly and in the ICU. All his organs are failing.  They are suspecting it could be cancer of prostrate. His kidneys are enlarged. Lungs are full. Heart is also not in good condition. They haven’t yet found the right diagnosis. Its is still unclear as to which direction the treatment should be.
His name is Arjan Dev Khanna. I assume he will be in his eighties. He has been very brave despite all these things happening to the body.
Please pray that the doctor may come to know how to treat his bodily ailment. May he be completely healed- body, mind and soul.
Thank you, angels. Love and blessings to you both.
In Master,

And a second time sensitive prayer from India (dated October 6)

Dear Mary,

Jai Guru!
My mother Kanta Sethi, who was visiting my daughter in Zurich, has had a stroke and her left side has got affected.
We need guru’s light to help her recover and be repatriated to India.
The insurance company is refusing to pay hence it has become very stressful for the family.
I request you to kindly request all our guru brother and sisters  include her in their prayers.
Ritu Duggal
Ananda Sangha Kolkata

Testimonial to the Ananda Healing Prayer Ministry:

Dear Ones,
Ken Loughman was given 2 months to live in Nov & Dec 2008.  Your prayers were answered and he has gone back to work.  Thanks to all  Blessing to All
Sylvia S


One Response to “Two urgent requests from Ananda India”

  1. marykretzmann Says:

    thanks so much for all your efforts and everybody’s prayers. he was released
    from the hospital yesterday and back home. He is still weak but much better.
    Thank you all. I am truly blessed to have such a warm and loving family,
    with all of you as my brothers and sisters
    warmest of wishes and love to all. jai guruji,

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