October Newsletter – 309 Dwapara

Ananda Healing Prayer Ministry

(Note: I send it out here first…you can get a printable copy on scribd here)

Healing Story of Light:

Several weeks ago a woman called me from town, wanting prayers for her grown daughter concerning a very serious and unusual matter.  As we spoke, I was struck by her spiritual good sense, and yet I could see that she needed extra support for her special prayer concern. We kept in touch as the situation developed, and I gave her some healing suggestions to keep God strongly in her mind during this time. Meanwhile, I got a small, specialized prayer team to focus on her prayer need. The last time we spoke – it was clear that Light had entered the picture, and this matched some of the reassurance that I had felt in prayer. A member of the prayer team also confirmed this. So – this created a special understanding over the phone, and she then told me why she had called the Ananda Healing Prayer Ministry in the first place.

She said that about 18 years ago she was at a very low point in her life.  She had married a veteran who had Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome. She loved him and wanted to help him, but in the end, his troubles brought out her own pain, and she turned to alcohol. One night she was in very deep despair about her life, and was overwhelmed and helpless. She then awakened in the middle of the night to a bright light filling her room with healing grace and peace. At the center of the Light, she saw the face of Paramhansa Yogananda. She recognized his face from book covers but she had never read his books. She was not a disciple or a follower at that time – she just knew who he was.)  She asked, “Where is this Light coming from?” and she received the answer, “It is coming to you from Ananda.”

She said this was unquestionably the most important event of her life. She changed her life; she left her husband, and got sober. She visited Ananda Village a few times over the years, but never really latched on, so to speak. However, she became very dedicated to Christ. He became her guide. She has also helped to shepherd others toward clarity and Light.

This experience of Light happened to her so many years ago that there is no way to confirm if anyone had actually placed her name on the prayer list, but it is very probably so. (We often pray for local situations, for it is one of our best ways to be truly neighborly. People remark that they feel the healing prayers, and are greatly helped. This has helped to foster positive vibrations with the local community.)

Anyway, isn’t it amazing that so much can be happening and we don’t even know? So many blessings of our Masters are available through Ananda via books, music, the websites, meditations and healing prayers; it brings to my mind this quote from the Gospel of St. John: (John 21:25)

“And there are also many other things which Jesus did, the which, if they should be written every one, I suppose that even the world itself could not contain the books that should be written. Amen.”

Swami Kriyananda in Los Angeles

I also felt expansive blessings going out during Swami Kriyananda’s recent talk in Los Angeles. It was a very special feeling to be outdoors in the amphitheater, with the darkness and peace of the evening all around us, listening to Swamiji. The audience, made up of long time Ananda people and many first time listeners, felt very connected in the heart to what he was saying. I highly recommend you watch the video of the event here.

And finally, I wrote a piece in September for my healing blog called, “The saddest prayers…” concerning the tragedy of how to pray for victims and families of suicide.  Here is a condensed version. More can be found at healingprayers.wordpress.com. I also invite you to sign up there to receive the special e-mails if you haven’t already.

The saddest prayers… (Excerpt)

1) I will pray for the soul of the person myself… When praying this way, I first make doubly sure that I am feeling strong in the Light of God, Christ, Guru.   I look at picture of Paramhansa Yogananda’s eyes, whether I am praying in my office or before an altar.

I ask the Masters’ power and grace to flow through me to that soul. When I feel a sense of contact with the soul, I pray: “Look up! Look up! Look up into the Light!”

No matter into what dark mists a soul may temporarily fall, there are angels there – right above – waiting for him to look up again…In suicide, a person…temporarily lost faith in his own ability to  “look up” for the Light…The soul needs to be firmly called, and re-awakened to look up again.

It is also very good at this point to make a strong prayer demand to God, Christ, Guru: “Help this soul, NOW. Please touch this soul NOW with Thy Light!” (Note – if you feel at all uneasy, do not pray in this way.  It may be “too close” for you. Please read on for a more “removed” prayer in #3:)

2) We put the names of the family on the prayer list for healing of their shock and grief.  We will also mention the name of the suicide victim in the prayer request…This helps you to empathize with the family on their loss, and to send some prayers to the victim, but only if you feel able…

3) So, if you feel so inclined, you can add in a prayer for the deceased soul as well. You can use the one-part Divine Mother Prayer, and then ask the Masters to watch over that soul.  …When you do the three AUMs, make them strong and powerful. This keeps you strongly as a powerful sender of the energy and not a potential “receiver” of the darkness or depression that overwhelmed the soul.

4) I will also suggest to the family and/or close friends to pray for the soul for years to come. This is a great source of spiritual comfort and direction for a soul who has died in this way:

Get a picture of the deceased in which he looks relatively happy, or strong…  Place it on a special shelf as a prayer altar, with holy things to remind you of God…When you see that altar – send loving thoughts of God’s Light to the soul….  As time goes on, do whatever seems natural and best for you, and allows you to heal in God’s peaceful presence… Continue with prayers for that soul daily, or weekly, …or on holidays, birthday and anniversaries. All of your loving prayers are helpful…

God bless you all.

Joy to you!

Mary Kretzmann

Ananda Healing Prayer Ministry


Healing with Divine Energy blog


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  1. marykretzmann Says:

    Here are some comments that came in via e-mail:

    1) This is truly beautiful, Mary. Thank you. Joy, Sheila

    2) Wow. That’s pretty amazing. Thanks for sharing these stories, Mary (from Sherry)

    3) Thank you Mary for your continued prayer tenacity!! – Barbara

    4) An amazing story! Thank you Mary, blessings, Annie

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