August ’09 Newsletter

Ananda Healing Prayer Council Newsletter

Dear Ones,

This letter contains a few special items. First I wanted to share a story that deeply impressed me with the feeling that we are all connected, a notion that is very helpful in distance prayer!

Part of our family vacation was a “cousin’s reunion” on my husband’s side. For various reasons, he had lost touch with some of them since childhood. As conversation progressed, one cousin learned we lived at Ananda, and she said that both her brother and she worked at a private school that bordered the Ananda Community in Portland, OR. On hearing this I exclaimed, “Oh! Years ago a friend took me on a walk through that campus.  It was very beautiful, and I was deeply moved by a memorial garden established in memory of some children on a school trip who died when an unseasonable snow storm in the mountains trapped them. The memorial was very tastefully done, and I remember it still.”

She replied, “I am the gardener there, and I created that garden, and my brother (also a cousin) teaches there.”

So strange to realize that we’d been linked in this way, unknowingly! A similar event happened while teaching healing at the Ananda Center in Maine. There were only 20-30 people there. In casual conversation, I came to know that one of the first-time visitors had often played jazz gigs with my brother, Peter, in New Hampshire. These things struck me as a variant of the saying of Buddha that we should be kind to one another, because in our innumerable past lives we have all been connected as father, mother, brother, sister, or friend.  It also reminds me of this saying from the Bible: “Be not forgetful to entertain strangers: for thereby some have entertained angels unawares.” Hebrews 13:2

It was also a great joy to meet up again with many long-term members of the healing prayer council who came to the healing evening at the Ananda Center in Maine. Something deep is transmitted when practicing the healing prayer techniques together, even for those who have been doing the prayers for some time. The director, Kristy Hecht has asked me to visit again in the future, so I am thinking of what might be the best programs to help people go deep in short seminars, for both our experienced prayer members, as well as for new people.

Thank you all for your service through healing prayers. God bless you!

Joy to you,

Mary Kretzmann

Ananda Healing Prayer Ministry

14618 Tyler Foote Road

Nevada City, CA 95959

Beautiful Testimonial, from a member of our Prayer Council in Assisi, Italy

To all – from Eefje:

I want to thank all of you for your prayers for my cousin, Ellen….About 3 weeks a go, she came to visit me in our community in Assisi together with her sister, grandmother, another cousin and my mother. It was kind of a coming together before Ellen goes to America (where she has been accepted in this very famous cancer clinic in Texas!). I felt from the beginning that coming to Assisi would be more important than any other treatments she would get in the future. One day, while walking through the streets of Assisi, I felt a strong intuitive call to give her my astrological bangle. When she put it on her arm she said “I feel as if I’ve been wearing this forever!”

The next morning we all went to yoga and meditation together. During meditation, I looked at Ellen and she was sitting there, relaxed in complete silence, her face was expressing acceptance, serenity and strong faith!

Back home to Belgium, she had to go for another check up and 2 weeks later for another chemo treatment and check up again. The chemo treatment wasn’t meant to cure anything but to try to keep the tumor under control as it was a very aggressive, fast growing tumor and before she can go to the USA, they had to keep the tumor under control in Belgium.   So two weeks after she went back to Belgium, I got a phone call from Ellen; “Eef, that bracelet you gave me…I think it’s working! I went to a check up today and the doctors were stupefied… the tumor in my brain is gone! It’s gone!! And the cancer cells in my blood went from 65 to 40%!!!”

I told her that so many people also have been praying for her to which she said, “Thank you, I think it’s a combination of that bracelet and the prayers!”

Thank you for all your prayers!!!

Love, Eefje

(Eefje trained at Ananda Village to be a school teacher in the Living Wisdom system, and she currently teaches in Assisi, Italy.)

Encouraging news from Harvard about the healing power of meditation:

“Researchers at Harvard Medical School discovered that in long-term practitioners of relaxation methods such as yoga and meditation, far more “disease-fighting genes” were active, compared to those who practiced no form of relaxation. In particular, they found genes that protect from disorders such as pain, infertility, high blood pressure and even rheumatoid arthritis were switched on. The changes, say the researchers, were induced by what they call “the relaxation effect”, a phenomenon that could be just as powerful as any medical drug but without the side-effects…More encouraging still, the benefits of the relaxation effect were found to increase with regular practice – the more people practiced relaxation methods such as meditation or deep breathing, the greater their chances of remaining free of arthritis and joint pain with stronger immunity, healthier hormone levels and lower blood pressure…

“After two months, their bodies began to change – the genes that help fight inflammation, kill diseased cells and protect the body from cancer, all began to switch on.”…


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