Fire and Rifqa: Sunday update

It us very smoky here today…the smoke really started to blow in during Sunday Service.  (Swamiji gave an inspiring talk which can be viewed on the  web at  The sky is milky white,  and most of the view is bl0cked when you look in either direction at sunset ridge.

If the fire continues to burn in this direction, the Village would not be threatened until 3 days from now.  So – we hope the fire will be out by then! Also  – as wind conditions change – the fire blows back on itself  – or it can blow in a new direction, so one can’t really predict.

Prayers are deeply appreciated.


Updated on Aug 16, 2009 – 3:15:03 PM:

Update on Rifqa:

Her hearing is set for August 21 – so please keep her in your prayers.  I put her name on the list as a gut instinct the other day, but I have since had a chance to read up on her more, and I feel it is very good to take her seriously. If you would like to know more – please send me an e-mail.

Somewhat amusingly (except it is such a ghastly topic): a recent poll of moderate Muslims in Pakistan shows that 78% feel it is reasonable to kill someone for apostasy (leaving the faith.)  The pollsters were very surprised – they were not expecting that at all. They were hoping to show the opposite.

Anyway – things like this convince me (yet again) this is a weird planet.  Love one another… And may the grace of our Masters bless this girl now.

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