Prayers for Joshua Clarke

Joshua Clarke
Chelmsford, MA
age 36

This is my nephew…
He was playing ultimate frisbee a couple of days ago and severely injured his leg. It it is very swollen, some ligaments are torn, and the fibula and tibia are both broken. This also caused a large clot to form. He is on blood thinners and strong pain meds. The swelling needs to be reduce before his leg can be cast. His kneecap was injured in the process, too. He is a high school science teacher, and will be on crutches for at least 3 months. Married, with 2 young children.

Josh & Em's new baby

This photo is over a year old…I didn’t know how to crop it down to just Josh.

Thanks for your prayers – things are going well, otherwise. We visited Tim’s family in Pennsylvania Dutch country. We also had a private tour of Independence Hall in Philadelphia, and saw the liberty bell, of course.

God bless you!
We will meet with our Ananda group in Maine on Thursday group.

Love and Joy to all of you!

Mary Kretzmann


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