Prayer Update on Jyoti

Dear Ones,

I haven’t used this prayer hot line in a while. I just received this note from Anandi Cornell, and I thought it would be best to update all of you who have been praying recently for Jyoti here. Thank you or your prayers. I am sure it will be a blessing and comfort for Jyoti.

God bless you all.

Joy to you,

Mary Kretzmann

Jyoti Spearin

Jyoti Spearin

Dear Mary,

Could you please post this prayer request for Jyoti:

Jyoti has been heroic in her attitude and her will power to do what the doctors have said is needed to heal from the lung infection (empyema) and her shoulder operation. Two lung specialists said that she should expect a full recovery.

Meanwhile, she is suffering right now from two very painful things and could really use a boost from prayer. The shoulder that was operated on has frozen up despite Jyoti’s daily exercise of the shoulder. This is serious. and the doctor suggested an arthroscopic surgical release may be needed. She wants to avoid another surgery at all cost and is undergoing intensive physical therapy to push through lots of pain to gain range of motion and un-freeze it. She has until July 28 to do so.

At the same time she is experiencing a very painful condition called neuralgia through the left side of her neck, back of head and face. Either one of these conditions (without considering the recovery from empyema, which makes breathing painful) would be more than enough for one person to handle.

Please, let’s bathe her in prayers and help her through this healing crisis.

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