Thanks from Deborah W., and “past life” video

This was fascinating, and worth passing on to all of you:

1) Story of child who had intense past life memories...

2) …or try this…click here for a video of the story (facebook)

3)  Or, this link might work better…

…notice how he was healed.  Sometimes in the prayer ministry we have had to pray for children who carried traumatic past life memories. Similarly, once the memory is  “healed” they no longer talk about it.  It is always important to pray for those who have dies -especially near the time of their transition.  In war time – this may be delayed, for various reasons.  This boy’s story resolved nicely, and these parents are now instruments of bringing this truth to others. I sent them a message on their website telling them about the chapter in “The Path” about Reincarnation.

Joy to all of you!

Mary Kretzmann

This beautiful letter from Deborah W. is so inspiring.  I am deeply moved by her courage and faith in God, Christ, Guru. She also writes how she felt wrapped in God’s Love. (She also refers to the fact that I felt her surgery day had been changed, and so I prayed deeply for her that night and morning…I think angels nudged me that night and morning… We are all willing instruments of a much greater LOVE.  She thanks all of you for your prayers…

Dearest Mary,

I have to tell you this…I have been given a gift that God and all his saints are next to me, that I am not alone. My surgery was moved up to Wednesday! It was scheduled for Thursday, but when we were in Dr. Williams office on Tuesday, he said, How do you feel about moving it to Wednsday? I said yes of course, because I would not have to dwell on it.

Tonight I was reading what you wrote to the prayer group that you felt a need to pray for me on Tuesday night. My surgery was on Wednesday Morning! Your guidance was correct. But I had no way to tell you, so I let go of trying to find some way to tell you, but in your spirit, you were with me all the way.

What an incredible gift for both of us. Just now I was feeling down and angry. My goal in life was to help my husband who has Parkinson’s and I have been robbed, and not only that there is a strong chance that my life on this earth will be shortened to  a few years if it returns. Then I thought ..why should I believe my life will be only a “fifty fifty chance!?

Then I go to the computer and there is your message. This miracle has boosted my spirits. I have tried to be “real” about all this so other people would be in touch with their own “spirit”.  But it is I who keep getting gifts of love and devotion. My illness has opened up many hearts. I also feel deeply my mother’s spirit. She was amazing at the time of her death.

I feel like I should let go  and relax into God’s grace, and keep praying about the chemotherapy, that might or might not be affective.

You don’t have to respond, but I had to tell you about the surgery moved to Wednesday. Also I feel I am wrapped in love.

Thank you Mary, thank you prayer group,

I am Joyfully yours,

Deborah W.


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