Good News about Jyoti!

Jyoti Spearin


Jyoti finally had her appointment with a heart and lung specialist, and he said that she would not  be needing to go back to the hospital for a procedure to clear up her lungs. This was very good news.  However, he did say it was  all very serious, and it would take her about 4-6 months for her lungs to  recover fully; the good news is that complete recovery is fully expected.

Thank you for all of your prayers. Each time that we renewed Jyoti on this prayer line, she made a big step forward in her healing process.

We will keep Jyoti on our regular prayer list, but if you would also like to keep her on your own long-term prayer list, that would be wonderful indeed!

We now have 152 people on this “Healing With Divine Energy” hot line prayer team, so some of you may not be familiar with the  prayers for Jyoti.   If you want to read over the old messages, then you can click here , and then scroll down to see all the original prayer requests about Jyoti.

God bless you all!


Mary Kretzmann

PS. On another note: I worked on this over the weekend. It is an e-book called, “Thou Art With Me.”  It is a collection of various articles that I have written on the psalms, plus a new one on “The Jesus Prayer Meditation.”  This is a worldwide ministry, and some of our healing prayer council members are ministers of Christian Churches; some are in this country, and some are in Africa, and one is in Pakistan. Sometimes I would tell them about the Jesus Prayer Meditation, but finally I wrote it out, and added some nice photos. I may yet add more (such as a brief history of the Jesus  prayer) but I am petty happy with it for now. The beauty of this format is that I can go back and improve it.

If you would like to take a look, here it is:  “Thou Art With Me”

I am still working out the kinks, so please do let me know if it gives you any trouble!


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