Prayers for Opal Lucas

Dear Ones,

I received this e-mail today from a long term member of the Ananda Healing Prayer Council, Joy H. Years ago she was a much loved resident of Ananda Village. She continued her connection after she moved away years ago.

Please note two things about this prayer request: the seriousness of the predicament, as well as the issue of fear. Healing light, love, energy and joy can help her in all of this. See her eyes full of healing Light. And see her whole being filled with Light, strength and confidence. Joy concludes her request with a wonderful affirmation/visualization.

Thank you for your prayers.

God bless you all,

Mary K.

Dear Mary,

First, thank you for your divine work. Every time you write, I am inspired by the selections you choose to share with us. You are truly doing a great work.

In divine mother’s love,


Prayer request:

My mother-in-law, Opal Lucas, (Terry’s’ mother) is age 80 and facing a surgery on May 13 for glaucoma. She has been told that, due to increasing pressure in her eyes, she will go completely blind eventually. However there is a surgery that, while it won’t improve her vision, will stop the progression toward blindness.

Here’s the downside. If the surgery doesn’t “work,” the surgery itself will leave her blind. What a wrenching choice! In any case, after weighing the risks, she is going through with the surgery. She is very frightened. Please pray that she be confident, and allowing of positive developments in her life. There is no reason she has to be in the percentage of people who go blind; she can be in the percentage of people who respond well to this surgery.

We are seeing her relieved and pleased after the surgery. She is open to healing energy of all kinds from all sources. She is strong and optimistic. She is aware that she is in God’s care. She feels the support of her spiritual family and the medical personnel. We are all grateful for her healing experience.

Thank you, Mary.

Joy H

PS. Update on Deborah W.

I don’t have one yet, because she was scheduled to stay in the hospital for one week. However, I feet that your prayers have been very helpful. After I wrote my first update, I realized that I also had a very strong feeling to pray for her on Tuesday night because, “Tomorrow is her surgery day.”

But I then corrected myself and said – “No – it is in 2 days,” but the feeling persisted, so I prayed deeply for her.

This thought helped me when I felt very down and heavy on Wednesday and Thursday. I had deep empathy for the reality of her waking up without her leg, even though one tries to be prepared. But how can a person really be prepared for that? By then I realized I did have deep connection with her, so it helped me realize why I felt so “down.”

I feel now that the energy has lightened, and she is getting on with the next “steps” in her healing process. I will check in on her next week once she is home.

Thank you for your prayers for her. She is also on our regular list.

One Response to “Prayers for Opal Lucas”

  1. marykretzmann Says:

    Hi everyone
    This just came in. I may also send an update message.
    Thank you for your prayers!
    joy to you,
    Mary Kretzmann

    Hi, Mary,
    Thank you so much for sending the request out so quickly. Opal’s glaucoma operation was successful, meaning, she did NOT go blind from the surgery. At this moment, she can see only shadows and movement, but she has sight. Her vision should now improve daily to the pre-surgery level, with full healing expected in about a month. Shortly after the prayers began, she said she was feeling “a little more confident, and a little less scared,” so she was immediately responsive to the focused energy. We are very grateful! Thank you to all the prayer partners!
    Joy H.

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