Prayers for Deborah W.

Emergency prayers for Deborah W. (Rio Frio, TX, an Ananda Yoga Teacher graduate of several years ago, and a member of the Ananda Healing Prayer Council) received the following news regarding cancer in her leg, and the need for amputation. She is about 5’4” and in her mid-50s.What’s written below is from her loving husband, Philip Shoemaker.

We received some very sad news this past Thursday.  The mass in Debbie’s leg turned out to be malignant, aggressive sarcoma, i.e. cancer.  It has destroyed most of the muscle in her left thigh and attacked the bone.  According to the doctor, chemo has proven to be only ten percent effective, and the tumor is too far developed for radiation.  On the good side: a CT Scan didn’t detect any sign of the cancer in any other parts of her body.  That does not mean that it hasn’t spread, just that there is no evidence of it. Regardless, in order to give her any chance of survival she will have to lose her left leg.

The amputation is scheduled for Thursday, May 7. And that’s about all we know at this time.  There are so many variables.  We meet with the surgeon on Tuesday to learn more.  We’re taking this a step at a time.

Obviously we we are both in a state of shock, but Debbie is a real trooper and we will give it our best shot to beat this beast. Thank you for your prayers…

We will also put Deborah’s name on our regular prayer list; and it will be a great help for her to receive prayerful support now. (This week we send out the “snail mail” group, so people won’t get the request in time. Those prayers will help with her recovery period, and adjusting to life without her leg. So, if you can, please keep Deborah on your list for this week. )

Thank you for your prayers. People report feeling surrounded in divine protection when we pray before surgery. Think of her surrounded in light, and the surgical room surrounded in light; may this light also flow through the surgical team.

A miracle would be lovely, wouldn’t it? Sometimes that happens, and the disease is dissolved by light. But other times the purpose of prayer is to support us through these difficult times. May Deborah be surrounded in Light now, in body, mind and soul.

Thank you for your prayers.
God bless you all,
Mary Kretzmann

PS. I just called Deborah. She was so grateful for the call, and for the prayers. I was impressed by the spiritual strength in her voice in the face of this event. She said it is an answer to her own prayer to know we are praying for her. I said we will visualize Paramhansa Yogananda in the room with her both before the surgery, and during it, and through the day. The surgery will be Thursday morning. She will be in the hospital for about one week, followed by physical therapy, etc.

Other prayer Updates: Andre Williams is still in ICU and quite ill. We have him on a prayer list of many people who know him, which is why I felt I could direct your prayer energy toward Deborah now.

Jyoti Spearin is looking much stronger, but her left lung still has a great deal of fluid. Most likely she will need to have a procedure to drain it, but it is a relief to see her vitality increasing.

Note: This hotline gives people an important burst of energy in a time of crisis. The names are also on our regular list. I give updates in case you also choose to keep them on your long term list. I appreciate any and all of the prayers you do for others.


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