Prayers for Andre Williams, and Jyoti

Dear Ones,

I received this from Sue Chadwick at our Ananda Center in Dallas, and I wanted to pass it along.  He is also on our regular list.  With any of these hot-line prayers…please do whatever feels right for you. Deep prayers wonderful, but all prayers are helpful.

Please do keep Jyoti Spearin in your prayers, too.  She continues to need our help. It is very hopeful though that she responds well each time we put our a big request.


Mary Kretzmann

Dear Ones,

Please surround Andre Williams in Divine, Healing Light

I just spoke with Kenny Williams, Andre’s son, who has traveled from college in Atlanta to be with his father in hospital.

Andre has been in a Ft. Worth hospital for 3 weeks, in & out of ICU. He is needing heart surgery due to arteries being blocked and a valve that is not closing properly, thereby allowing blood to flow back into the heart. The doctors cannot do surgery yet due to other complications…. Kenny mentioned fluid and some blood in the lungs as well as a brain hemorrhage. It is a very serious condition. When I spoke with Andre on Wed, he said to tell everyone how much he appreciated his Ananda Family and asked for continuing prayers.

Andre is in ICU again, still heavily sedated, and not able to take phone calls. He is in John Peter Smith Hospital,1500 S Main St. Fort Worth, TX 76104   I will be going to the hospital to visit on Monday morning – I will send an update soon thereafter.

Meanwhile, keep praying and surrounding Andre in Healing Light … as well as all the doctors and nurses who are caring for him.

God Bless You All,
Sue Chadwick
Ananda Center, Dallas


3 Responses to “Prayers for Andre Williams, and Jyoti”

  1. Silke Says:

    Hi Sue!

    I was just surfing the internet and found this here. I am Andre´s Ex-girlfriend Silke from Germany and was informed of his death by a family member last night. Kenny if you read this u maybe remember me from last year and some of the Ananda family I was glad to meet last year in Dallas at a birthday party which we were invited to. I was truely shocked to hear about the loss of a wonderful, loving person on this planet. Kenny, your Dad loved you a lot and he was very proud of you, he always told me about the little “question game” you played since you where a little boy. Unfortunately I don´t have ur e-mail adress.

    He was happy and very honered to belong to the Ananda family and always felt safe and taking care of around you.

    Andre just so you know, you will always have a place in my heart. You will always and forever be loved and I know I will see u again one day. Thank you for sharing a part of ur life, you made it brighter with your love and care. I miss you

    • Sue Chadwick, Ananda Dallas Says:

      Dear Silke,

      I just received the email you wrote after learning about Andre leaving his body. Bless you and thank you for writing re this dear soul. I had the honor of visiting Andre weekly in hospital for months and being with him on the morning of his passing. During his final 2 weeks, he was quite conscious of what was going on. I truly believe he made a conscious decision to leave this plane rather than go through the risky surgery & continue to be debilitated.
      God Bless you!

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