Sending Light to Mexico

Send Light and Love to Mexico to counteract the fear and anxiety that is occurring in Mexico City due to the recent deadly flu outbreak.  Positive vibrations are very healing for their nation, and the planet.

There are many devotees of Paramhansa Yogananda in Mexico city, and throughout Mexico. This Light can especially fill their receptive souls, and radiate from there. (I also remember  reading stories of devotees be protected in extraordinary ways during the Mexcioc City earthquake years ago. )

Last year about this time, I was teaching healing to devotees in Monterrey, Mexico. They were very concerned about the kidnappings and drug violence that were just beginning, and have since made it in to the news lately.  (The drug violence has killed over 2,000 people this year.) Vibrationally, this fear and anxiety can feed upon itself, and possibly contribute to the manifestation of more reasons to be afraid (such as this flu outbreak).   And, yet, as I read the news about the flu outbreak, I sensed that it was also having a healing effect on the vibrations of Mexico.  As they take precautions to guard against this flu, they also create an aura of care and protection around their families and their nation, and this aura is healing to them, in general.

So – we can send Light.  We cannot ever really “fix” this world  – but we can send Light, Blessings and Peace to receptive souls. There is deep devotion in many souls in Mexico, so that also creates a pathway of receptivity to the healing prayers. You can visualize Christ, or Yogananda or Divine Mother above the nation, sending healing Light to all.

All of these prayers are optional, to use according to you own inspiration. This example can also be adapted to pray for other areas.  So many areas need healing! But these are the thoughts and feelings I had today.

This is part of a chapter in Divine Will Healing:

There have been some interesting experiences as we prayed for specific geographic areas. Years ago, a man wrote to the Healing Prayer Ministry requesting prayers for his island off the coast of Washington State. The weather there tends to be very cold, wet and dreary, and it gets even worse in the winter. He said everyone was depressed and was getting “cabin fever”. At that time I had very little experience in this kind of prayer, but I put it on the prayer list, hoping for the best. About six months later the man visited Ananda Village and said, “Oh! Thank you for praying for my island! Soon after the prayers began someone hung a large photo of Paramhansa Yogananda in the general store, and everyone started doing better! The people who showed the most improvement were those who had previously established some connection with Paramhansa Yogananda through his writings.”

This showed me more deeply that, in the words of Yogananda, “Healing depends on the power of the healer, and the receptivity of the patient.”

When we pray for the planet, we focus primarily on those who are serving God and the upliftment of humanity in some way. The souls who are trying to do good would be most receptive to the vibrations of healing. As Paramhansa Yogananda taught, “If you are in a dark room, don’t beat at the darkness with a stick, but rather try to turn on the light!”


May you be ever blessed in the Light of God, Christ, Guru.

In Divine Love,

Mary Kretzmann

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