Beautiful Update from Jyoti

Yesterday, I sent out an e-mail to this group, and Anandi also asked the Ananda community, on Bharat’s suggestion, “to do one round of Kriyas for Jyoti.”

This combined effort seem to have given Jyoti a wonderful healing blessing. This morning, In a phone message to Anandi, she said:

Anandi, I awoke in the night and felt my breathing had changed. I feel like I’ve been trying to inflate a balloon that’s stuck together. But now it’s working. I feel different and I am so grateful. Bless you all for the prayers and the Kriyas…I feel so different.

Thank you for your prayers! This is helping Jyoti get through this challenging karmic period.I don’t want to send out too many messages, but I thought this update was so encouraging, and I am sure you agree. Jyoti has made a big healing step forward within 24 hours or so, each time we’ve renewed our prayers for her. There is a power in these group prayers.

God bless you.

Joy to you,

Mary Kretzmann

Jyoti Spearin

Jyoti Spearin


4 Responses to “Beautiful Update from Jyoti”

  1. Lane Emerick Says:

    Dear Mary,

    Please keep giving us news of Jyoti. I’m so glad she’s better and feels our prayers. You’re not overdoing it with news of how she’d doing! I see her well and happy!

  2. Patricia Castrejon Says:

    Hooray! My husband had to have a drain in his lung after a motorcycle accident, and I know how painful that is…blessings to you, Jyoti, and keep feeling better!

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