Update on Jyoti and Ramani

Update on this post from April 17

Ramani Peterson’s health  improved overnight and she is now home. Thank you for your prayers, one and all!

Jyoti woke up Saturday night feeling “enveloped in love.” This is a beautiful testimony to the many, many prayers being sent to her.  (I sent the request this way, and I posted it to my Ananda  and Prayer friends on Facebook.) Her health is improving, and her “hopefulness” is now stronger than ever. If things continue  this way, it is  possible that she will be able to heal completely, without needing a return trip to the hospital, as outlined in my last post. She will also begin receiving physiotherapy on her shoulder this week. Jyoti feels that this will help the energy flow in her shoulder, as well as in her lungs.

See her lungs and heart center full of healing light, bringing healing to all her body cells. See this healing Light dissolving old karma associated with this difficulty. May it be dissolved NOW in the healing Light of God, Christ, Guru.

Jyoti Spearin

Jyoti Spearin

Thank you for your service through prayer.

God bless you all.


Mary Kretzmann

PS . I started a new section on this website:

Questions & Answers about Healing Prayers

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