Update on Jyoti Spearin

Please continue to pray for Jyoti Spearin. My first message went out last Friday.  (Click here for the original prayer request)

Jyoti Spearin

She got stronger over night:

Anandi Cornell said, “Jyoti called Saturday morning to say she woke up feeling much stronger mentally, especially. And she is very grateful for the prayers.”

She  continues to improve, but she’s not “out of the woods” yet. She is still home in bed, and her doctors say she may need to consult with a hear-lung specialist next week for further clarifiaction on how to proceed with her care.

May this healing Light bless and guide all those who are providing healing care for Jyoti. May the Healing Light of our Masters bless her now,  for complete healing in body, mind and soul.

We will place updates on the CHAPEL page.  Our prayer techniques can be found on the Prayer Groups page.

Please also pray for Ramani (Pam) Peterson. She is part of our group in Ananda India (Gurgoan). She is retired and went over to help the Ananda work in India. She had sinus surgery and there have been complications.  She was in ICU – but she is now out, but I heard this morning she had a fever.  So, I wanted to include her here in these prayers.

Please know this e-mail prayer hotline  is going to 132 people, and is completely optional. I appreciate everything you do already! This is a wonderful source of healing energy. Jyoti and Ramani both serve dynamically to bring God’s grace to others, so it seems very fitting to send them strength and healing NOW.

God bless you all.


Mary Kretzmann


3 Responses to “Update on Jyoti Spearin”

  1. marykretzmann Says:

    Dear Mary and Ananda Prayer service,
    thank you for the message to pray for Jyoti
    I am working with Archangel Raphael, and Reiki
    an emerald green & golden ray of healing
    when I was last at the retreat Jyoti was so very
    kind and welcoming to me and the others on retreat
    I am glad to hear about Vidura feeling better
    & also I will send Reiki to Ramani Peterson in India.

    Love &Blessings to you all, my Ananda family

    This was sent to me via e-mail in response to this prayer request – since it as also addressed to the whole prayer service, I am posting it here. It is from Susan Michelle M-C, a member of the Healing Prayer Council .

  2. Amanda Alzate Says:

    Hi, Mary,
    Thank you for the update on Jyoti, I°ve been having her in my thoughs and daily prayers.
    I am still in Argentina. I shall be home Monday nite. Please give her my love.


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