Please Pray for Jyoti Spearin

Dear Ones,

Anandi Cornell just sent me this prayer request for Jyoti, who needs our prayer very much tonight, and all this weekend…. I’ll add a visualization at the end of Anandi’s note…..Joy!, Mary Kretzmann.

Our dear gurubai,  Jyoti Spearin has been ill for quite a while.  She serves at Ananda’s the Expanding Light. Jyoti Spearin

She recently had shoulder surgery for a torn rotator cuff and bicep. After the shoulder surgery, she developed pleurisy and then pneumonia. She was in the hospital for 2 weeks. Because her lungs filled with fluid so quickly, the doctor put a drain into her lung. This is an extremely painful procedure that helps remove fluid from the lungs. During the 3 days of having this tube coming out of her back, the pain and discomfort made it impossible to rest or sleep well. Just as they were releasing Jyoti from the hospital on April 8, the doctor told her that the fluid has come back, and that he thinks she’ll need to be re-admitted to the hospital for another experience of having the lungs drained — unless there’s a radical improvement over the next few days.

There have been many prayer emergencies at Ananda, and elsewhere recently.  We have all been praying for Jyoti, And now is the time to send her a focused stream of healing energy.

When we, as a group, focused recently on Vidura, who also had pneumonia, his improvement was so dramatic that he was released from the hospital the same day! Perhaps our prayers can save Jyoti the pain of another hospital procedure – by everyone focusing together on the presence of God’s perfect strength and health within her. Just from being home from the hospital for one day, her color and energy levels were dramatically improved. Can you please put focused energy into praying for Jyoti immediately, and throughout this holy Easter weekend?

Anandi Cornell

First, invoke the presence of the Masters. Pray to Divine Mother and the Masters to fill you now with Divine healing energy.


See Jyoti’s lungs full of sparkling healing Light.  This Light is perfect and it is healing her NOW.  See this light permeating all of her body cells, and especially her heart center, and her lungs. See this Light healing her now. All her cells are perfect NOW.  “Be thou whole, for GOD is in you! Jyoti, you are whole for GOD is in you!Be thou well for GOD is in you.  You are Well for GOD is in you!”

Repeat these phrase, feeling that you are making a prayer demand/command for her body cells to be well now, in the name of God, Christ, Guru.

You can also follow this with the Divine Mother Prayer and/or the “longer healing prayer technique.”  These are both in your original healing prayer packet.

God bless you all . The healing light is infinite and available to all God’s children. May it flow through now, and may it bless Jyoti NOW.


Mary Kretzmann

PS – Anandi or I will leave updates on the CHAPEL page


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