Please Pray for Vidura

Durga and Vidura Smallen, Ananda Lightbearers

Durga and Vidura Smallen, Ananda Lightbearers

Dear Ones,

Vidura is hospitalized in Portland, OR with double pneumonia, and with a heart ailment.   There are good doctors caring for him, and a few  more are being called in for further diagnosis. The heart ailment has them a bit mystified, as of yet,  and the pneumonia is still an issue. (I first posted this in CHAPEL.)

This is not meant to be a precise medical news item – but rather a call to prayer.  Durga is very happy to know people are praying for Vidura.  Today,  Thursday, they have restricted visitors for Vidura so that he may rest and get well.

Vidura and Durga have served the Ananda work selflessly for decades. Let us be instruments of healing and light for them now, as they have been for so many others through the years.

Please see Vidura’s heart center full of healing Light. The heart center sends energy to the physical heart and the lungs.  Think of the Light of Paramhansa Yogananda living in his heart now. Think of  Paramhansa Yogananda’s Presence filling his hospital room now. May this Light heal him directly, by the grace of God.

“Vidura,  BE thou well, for God is in you.  You are well, for God is in you. . . BE thou whole for God is in you.  You are whole for God is in you…”

May this Light also bless and guide the doctors now. May divine  intuition guide them as they care for Vidura now. May the Light of God, Christ, Guru bless and guide them now. The Light is all-knowing.  It is with him now, and all who care for him, now.

May this Light also bless Durga now.

Thank you for your prayers.  Many times people tell us they can feel the power and love of the prayers we send to them as a group.

This is going out to the 70+ people who signed up so far via this new website to receive emergency prayer notices. Thank you for your service in this way!  We have also asked those in Ananda Village, and Ananda Portland Community to pray.

God bless you all.

Joy to you,

Mary Kretzmann, Ananda  Healing Prayer Ministry

PS.  From my “behind the scenes” stats I realize that many of you did not see the actual Healing Prayer Newsletter.  You only saw my announcement. Next time I will send you right to the letter! I am still a learning…

Below is the link for the full April309 Healing Prayer Council Newsletter, complete with an article on, “The Astral World,” by Paramhansa Yogananda:

>>Click here for “The Astral World” April 309 Newsletter!<<

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